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Jakarta, 27 January 2016

“Look at the bright side! The beauty of having to revise your PhD thesis is that you have both the experience of writing and submitting, as well as rewriting and resubmitting the thesis.  No, you don’t fail if you respond well. So don’t give up!” (Ikong, my husband, 2 September 2014).

I submitted my PhD thesis on 7 January 2014, and two years later, I finally received my PhD degree on 17 December 2015.

When I was notified that I needed to do quite a major revision on September 2, 2014, I was not certain how to react.  I was given one year, up to 2 September 2015, to revise and resubmit; and needed to advise the Examination Office of ANU about my plan.  The reactions from my husband and my supervisors, Dr Royston Gustavson and Dr Andrew Bradly, were very encouraging, more positive than my own.  They were so sure that I could actually get this done, and they were willing to support me all the way.

Indeed, this PhD journey was one of the most challenging endeavors that I have ever done in my life.  It took me almost six years altogether to get it done: four years full time at ANU to submit, 8 months to wait for the Examiners’ comments, 10 months to revise and resubmit. It was a truly spiritual journey.

Here, I would like to share my responses to one of the Examiners.  Maybe it can be of use to those who are interested in getting a PhD; or who need to revise their thesis.  Don’t give up!  We’ll get there somehow. (more…)

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Canberra, 8 June 2013

Six degrees of separation, a theory set out by Fridyes Karinthy, that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away[1], have happened to me many times during my stay in Canberra.  One example who is very close to my heart is Budi, my dear friend when I study at ANU, who is actually a friend of my friend at the University of Indonesia.  I am so pleased to attend Budi’s final presentation and congratulate him for his PhD dissertations submission at end of May 2013.  And then… of course I would also like to convey my biggest congratulations to Harti, a very talented PhD friend who submitted her thesis on 22 May.  Harti is the one I called if I have questions on surviving in Canberra.  Especially, I want to mention that Harti taught me how to cook nasi kuning, my Indonesian menu to share with my fellow Australians… Harti is a good friend of my Astra friend.  Here we go, another proof of six degrees of separation theory. (more…)

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Canberra, 7  May 2013

Well, actually I don’t have much to write. For the last four weeks my focus has always been to get my chapters done.  Writing explanatory case study has been challenging; I have to move from “describing” how things change into “explaining” why things change over time.  I just met my supervisor yesterday, and I needed to rewrite my chapter 7 to be more coherent, concise and engaging.  A big task, indeed!  As I intend to finish the whole draft of my thesis (11 chapters) by 8 August, I have to work days and nights on my dissertation, and fit my personal life in between.

As for Rifqi, he also needs keep up with his assignments and tests to get the required score for his ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank).  He needs to work really hard as he only has 3 more terms to catch up.  Fortunately my housemates are very helpful. That makes my parenting tasks easier.  As I assist Rifqi with his essays in Global Relations and English, Alberth has been helping Rifqi with his Math, and Kanya has inspired Rifqi that eating vegetables can be fun.  Both Kanya and Alberth have been good role models for Rifqi. I am so thankful. (more…)

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Canberra, 15 December 2012

The last four weeks have been very busy for the members of Antill Home.  Starting on the first week of November, Rifqi and Victor focused on their exam weeks.  Rifqi received his results on the fourth week of November; and Victor got his final results and confirmation of his Bachelor degree in Information Technology on the first week of December.

As for myself, I had to present my thesis progress on two main occasions: Annual PhD Seminar at my school – the Research School of Management, College of Business and Economics, ANU on 30 November; and at the Australia New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Doctoral Colloquium at Edith Cowan University in Perth, on 3 December 2012.  The two presentations have been very productive.  I received constructive feedbacks from the faculty members at my school, as well as two prominent reviewers at ANZAM.  I have followed up their comments with my supervisor on 10 December. So far, I have been enjoying the whole process of giving presentation, getting feedback and improving my thesis. (more…)

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Canberra, 18 October 2012

Can’t believe that I am now already on my 145th week at ANU!  After 3 months of work, I managed to submit drafts of chapter 1 (Introduction), chapter 2 (Literature Review), chapter 3 (Conceptual Framework and Propositions) and chapter 4 (Methodology) on 27 September.  Somehow I felt that I could finally decide on which theory and method I would use to answer my research questions.  However, I had this funny feeling about my PhD process, i.e., even when I felt so sure about what I was doing, I was actually still unsure whether I actually did the right things. But I had to keep going; I had to give a go, and kept hoping that my arguments made sense to my supervisors. 

After submitting my ‘improved’ four chapters, I requested an annual leave for one week, from 29 September to 7 October.  My supervisors agreed, and we were scheduled to meet again on 11 October.  The meeting went well, and as expected, there were always rooms for corrections and improvements.  Anyway, let’s talk about my annual leave, which was intended at looking for potential universities for Rifqi.  (more…)

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Canberra, 22 June 2012

From 18 to 22 June 2012 ANU conducted a ResearchFest to acknowledge and celebrate contributions of research students to the university. During the week, various informative and stimulating activities were implemented, including competitions of 3MT (three minute thesis), posters, photos and research note.

I joined 3MT and research note competitions. My research note won the price for ‘people’s choice’ category and my 3MT made it to the final.

Writing a 300 words research note was not an easy task. I was forced to think very innovatively about how to convey my message to the lay audience who does not understand about the topic before, and to make them interested in my thesis.

The 3MT preparation was even more challenging. To be able to talk about my thesis in three minutes, I had to revise my speech for more than 50 times and improved my slide (only one slide was allowed) for more than 20 times. I rehearsed for more than 400 times in front of 20 different people. The 3MT preparations have actually sharpened my own idea about what my thesis is all about. It also allowed me to appreciate the supports that I have at my school (Research School of Management – RSM), my college (College of Business and Economics – CBE), and my university (Australian National University – ANU). (more…)

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Canberra, 6 April 2012

Selama menjadi Direktur Eksekutif Yayasan Danamon Peduli tahun 2007 sd 2009, program kompos sampah pasar ‘Danamon Go Green’ yang saya kembangkan bersama kepala daerah di berbagai wilayah Indonesia menjadi juara kedua BBC World Challenge 2009.  Berikut ini adalah petikan lengkap wawancara saya dengan Didik Purwanto yang dimuat di Seputar Indonesia 3 Januari 2010 tentang cita-cita saya menjadikan Indonesia bebas sampah, diantaranya dengan menangani sampah organik pasar tradisional dan menjadikannya komoditas pupuk yang bermanfaat untuk merevitalisasi tanah pertanian dan lahan kritis di Indonesia.  Selain itu Didik juga menulis sedikit profil tentang prinsip hidup sederhana yang saya terapkan dalam keluarga: http://didikpurwanto.blogspot.com.au/2010/08/ingin-indonesia-bebas-sampah.html

Semoga bermanfaat!

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