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Canberra, 25 August 2013

Riding bicycle taxi during my fieldwork in Sunter, North Jakarta, 2011Few days ago, 23 August 2013, the Indonesian Commission of Election (KPU) announced the permanent list of candidates who would participate in the national election on 9 April 2014.  My name is there, representing Jakarta III (West Jakarta, North Jakarta, and Thousand Island area) from PDIP (Indonesian Democratic Party Struggle).  That means I need to get 100,000 votes from the area to secure my seat as an MP (Member of the Parliament) at the National Parliament of Indonesia (DPR-RI).

I have started writing about my motives in running for an MP.  My intention is to start building a more dignified Indonesia for my son’s generation and beyond, by being a change agent in DPR-RI.  I have posted my story at Neng Koala: http://nengkoala.com/2013/08/05/saya-bercita-cita/ and shared it on my FB wall and FB groups of alumni from secondary school to post graduates.  It attracted quite a number of readers.  After 20 days of posting, I had 1,556 readers.  Not bad.  I hope it could achieve 10,000 readers by March 2014, so it could reach its viral effects.

My postings in public domain have attracted many comments: pessimistic, optimistic, doubtful, encouraging… mixed responses.  From there, I can understand what people expect from me, if I indeed become an MP.  Below is an excerpt from one of my dialogues with a friend, taken from my post in the ILUNI UI (University of Indonesia alumni FB group, with the consent from the inquirer):

Q & A taken from the FB group of the University of Indonesia alumni: (more…)

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Canberra, 13 August 2013

We have just celebrated Ied al Fitr on 8 August after fasting for 29 days.  It has been a tradition in Canberra that the Embassy conducts shalat tarawih every Saturday during the fasting month where the hosts take turn.  Usually, the Ambassador would host the first weekend of shalat tarawih at the residence.  The second, third and fourth tarawih were done at the ‘Balai Kartini’ of the Embassy with Indonesian Muslim community taking alternate responsibilities to host the tarawih.  At home, I was fortunate to have Pugo who stayed with us when Kanya was traveling to Turkey.  He was a good Imam, and he led our tarawih prayer during weekdays.

As for me, I could not attend the first tarawih at the Ambassador’s residence as it coincided with the welcoming and farewell of ANU students.  It was difficult to find a schedule to fit everybody so they could attend the event.  Both PPIA ANU farewell and the tarawih at the residence were important.  People were split between the two events.  Nevertheless, I decided to come to PPIA ANU gathering to meet and greet my new friends and my old friends who were leaving.  I was a small but nice and cozy gathering.  We truly enjoyed each others’ company. (more…)

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Canberra, 4 July 2013

Today is Rifqi’s birthday. Alberth, Pugo and I woke him up at 7am to remind him that an 18 year-old grown up should wake up early in the morning.  Starting today, he is an independent and a legal person with huge responsibilities ahead of him. Special thanks to mbak Dina and Merry for delicious and pretty birthday cakes.  Indeed, it was such a blessed day for Rifqi that he blew candles in the morning (mbak Dina’s cheese cake) and at the dinner (Merry’s green tea cake).

Kanya had the opportunity to capture his birthday wish, taken on 17 May 2013. A very cute and candid video. Gotcha Rifqi! (more…)

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Canberra, 15 December 2012

The last four weeks have been very busy for the members of Antill Home.  Starting on the first week of November, Rifqi and Victor focused on their exam weeks.  Rifqi received his results on the fourth week of November; and Victor got his final results and confirmation of his Bachelor degree in Information Technology on the first week of December.

As for myself, I had to present my thesis progress on two main occasions: Annual PhD Seminar at my school – the Research School of Management, College of Business and Economics, ANU on 30 November; and at the Australia New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) Doctoral Colloquium at Edith Cowan University in Perth, on 3 December 2012.  The two presentations have been very productive.  I received constructive feedbacks from the faculty members at my school, as well as two prominent reviewers at ANZAM.  I have followed up their comments with my supervisor on 10 December. So far, I have been enjoying the whole process of giving presentation, getting feedback and improving my thesis. (more…)

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Canberra, 6 April 2012

Selama menjadi Direktur Eksekutif Yayasan Danamon Peduli tahun 2007 sd 2009, program kompos sampah pasar ‘Danamon Go Green’ yang saya kembangkan bersama kepala daerah di berbagai wilayah Indonesia menjadi juara kedua BBC World Challenge 2009.  Berikut ini adalah petikan lengkap wawancara saya dengan Didik Purwanto yang dimuat di Seputar Indonesia 3 Januari 2010 tentang cita-cita saya menjadikan Indonesia bebas sampah, diantaranya dengan menangani sampah organik pasar tradisional dan menjadikannya komoditas pupuk yang bermanfaat untuk merevitalisasi tanah pertanian dan lahan kritis di Indonesia.  Selain itu Didik juga menulis sedikit profil tentang prinsip hidup sederhana yang saya terapkan dalam keluarga: http://didikpurwanto.blogspot.com.au/2010/08/ingin-indonesia-bebas-sampah.html

Semoga bermanfaat!

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Canberra, 29 July 2011

Rejuvenated!  Ah, it felt so good to be in Indonesia again after one and a half year in Canberra. My four-week (22 June to 19 July) trip back home has been very productive.  Personally, it has been good to spend good quality time with mas Ikong (my husband) and accompanied him to some of social functions as husband and wife… Really, some of our families and friends have been wondering how we manage our long-distance relationship, and it was nice for us and for them to see us as a couple.  (more…)

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Canberra, 10 June 2011

I can’t tell you how happy I am when finally my supervisor and I agreed on the conceptual framework of my thesis.  The first draft that was discussed with my supervisor on 9 June was actually my 15th working draft!   It took me more than four months to produce this 10,000 words document, consisting of literature review, theoretical framework and research methods.  Although there are corrections here and there, I am so relieved that now I can move on with my actual research plan.  (more…)

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