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Canberra, 21 July 2013

Apparently there has been no downhill in doing PhD.  Just when I felt relief as I managed to submit two conference papers in the last few weeks, I had to go back to my dissertation chapters.  When I started to do my cross-case analysis (chapter 9), discussions, implications, limitations and further research (chapter 10), and conclusions (chapter 11) few weeks ago, I realized that I would not be able to do those last chapters without improving my literature review.

My thesis is about the linkages of CSR, social capital and corporate sustainability in the context of developing countries.  There are recent research about the role of companies in developing countries that should go beyond economic interests (e.g. Scherer and Palazzo, 2011) .  There are also studies on the role of social capital in improving the capabilities of the people at “bottom of the pyramid” (who earn below $2 per day) so people can function in living their lives they chose to live (e.g. Anshari et al, 2012). Therefore, I need to enhance my literature to be able to analyze the last three chapters of my dissertation. (more…)

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Canberra, 28 June 2013

On 27 June, Anne (my PhD colleague whom I share my PhD office with) and I had another opportunity to record and report on the National Business Leadership Forum on Sustainable Development (NBLF)[1] at the Parliament House.  For this year, the theme was Investing in Sustainable Security: Business leadership in a world of strategic risk and opportunity”.  It was the 13th forum since NBLF was established in 1998. NBLF is a not-for-profit organisation that organizes high profile annual event on sustainability issues in the Australia. (more…)

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Canberra, 7  May 2013

Well, actually I don’t have much to write. For the last four weeks my focus has always been to get my chapters done.  Writing explanatory case study has been challenging; I have to move from “describing” how things change into “explaining” why things change over time.  I just met my supervisor yesterday, and I needed to rewrite my chapter 7 to be more coherent, concise and engaging.  A big task, indeed!  As I intend to finish the whole draft of my thesis (11 chapters) by 8 August, I have to work days and nights on my dissertation, and fit my personal life in between.

As for Rifqi, he also needs keep up with his assignments and tests to get the required score for his ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank).  He needs to work really hard as he only has 3 more terms to catch up.  Fortunately my housemates are very helpful. That makes my parenting tasks easier.  As I assist Rifqi with his essays in Global Relations and English, Alberth has been helping Rifqi with his Math, and Kanya has inspired Rifqi that eating vegetables can be fun.  Both Kanya and Alberth have been good role models for Rifqi. I am so thankful. (more…)

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Canberra, 24 July 2012

Glad to be back in Canberra after my trip to Jakarta.  This time my trip was to reconfirm my preliminary findings with my respondents from 6 to 23 July.  Rifqi was in his school holiday during that time, so he agreed to manage our house while I was away.  Well, the house needs to be managed because I rent out two of the four bedrooms in the house.  I also sublet my bedroom for a friend who just arrived in Canberra and needed a temporary accommodation when I was in Jakarta. The property in Canberra is very expensive, so it is very important for us to have friends to share the house.  That way, we could afford to live in a decent house with reasonable share of rents.  (more…)

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Canberra, 22 June 2012

From 18 to 22 June 2012 ANU conducted a ResearchFest to acknowledge and celebrate contributions of research students to the university. During the week, various informative and stimulating activities were implemented, including competitions of 3MT (three minute thesis), posters, photos and research note.

I joined 3MT and research note competitions. My research note won the price for ‘people’s choice’ category and my 3MT made it to the final.

Writing a 300 words research note was not an easy task. I was forced to think very innovatively about how to convey my message to the lay audience who does not understand about the topic before, and to make them interested in my thesis.

The 3MT preparation was even more challenging. To be able to talk about my thesis in three minutes, I had to revise my speech for more than 50 times and improved my slide (only one slide was allowed) for more than 20 times. I rehearsed for more than 400 times in front of 20 different people. The 3MT preparations have actually sharpened my own idea about what my thesis is all about. It also allowed me to appreciate the supports that I have at my school (Research School of Management – RSM), my college (College of Business and Economics – CBE), and my university (Australian National University – ANU). (more…)

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Canberra, 7 May 2012

I wonder, there were many PhDs in the past, long before analytical software was invented.  If they were able to get their PhDs without such software, why can’t I?

I use qualitative research methods to analyse my case study, and some of the main issues with qualitative method are managing and analysing a large amount of narrative.  There are tools available in the market to help me with this, but to be able to operate such tools, I have to train myself.  By this time, I have spent over three months to help myself understand which software I can use, until I finally decide to go back to the basic tools, which are Excel and Word.

At the first time, I decided to try software A because an introductory training for such software is given at my Faculty.  But then, despite the potential benefits that I will gain from software A, the learning process is very long, and there is no support I can get, except to learn it from the manual.  Then I was advised to try software B, which is supposed to be able to help me to recognize the content and to draw themes.  But apparently, the software can only recognize words, so I have to struggle to “teach the software” to understand the themes.  Then I was advised to learn about software C, which could help me to analyse the events and processes.  I spent more than two weeks to understand software C but still could not figure out how to export and import the data as suggested by its manual.  Eventually, I was so devastated and frustrated! (more…)

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Canberra, 6 April 2012

Selama menjadi Direktur Eksekutif Yayasan Danamon Peduli tahun 2007 sd 2009, program kompos sampah pasar ‘Danamon Go Green’ yang saya kembangkan bersama kepala daerah di berbagai wilayah Indonesia menjadi juara kedua BBC World Challenge 2009.  Berikut ini adalah petikan lengkap wawancara saya dengan Didik Purwanto yang dimuat di Seputar Indonesia 3 Januari 2010 tentang cita-cita saya menjadikan Indonesia bebas sampah, diantaranya dengan menangani sampah organik pasar tradisional dan menjadikannya komoditas pupuk yang bermanfaat untuk merevitalisasi tanah pertanian dan lahan kritis di Indonesia.  Selain itu Didik juga menulis sedikit profil tentang prinsip hidup sederhana yang saya terapkan dalam keluarga: http://didikpurwanto.blogspot.com.au/2010/08/ingin-indonesia-bebas-sampah.html

Semoga bermanfaat!

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